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I am once again asking for your support and vote for Goodyear City Council.  As the next City Council member, I will continue:

Goodyear is the 9th fastest growing city in the United States.  The population of Goodyear is over 106,000 and businesses have brought in thousands of new jobs. Goodyear has new city hall, library and recreation campus. There is a vision for the expansion of the area known as Downtown Goodyear.  I believe Goodyear will continue to be a city of choice as it continues to grow. I will look with keen interest to ensure Goodyear grows responsibility.  

It is the city council's role to carefully review the city's financial priorities. Strong financial strength is a must for the City of Goodyear to continue to grow.  Therefore, as a city council member, I will devote time to understand the finances and work towards continuing the financial stability of the city.

Long-range planning and review of city resources are important for continued quality of life. First of all, we must not forget improvements in our long standing communities. Road improvements are a must where it financially makes sense.  As the city grows, public safety expansion is important. It is critical that we manage our water resources.  Also, parks and recreation expansion to include walking paths and recreation facilities must be considered.  


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